I know you rushed into this article because you want to match it’s content with your existing strategies of your music career. Well even if it happens you’ve been doing what I’m about to express with you, there’s an opportunity to change and get back on track. You should thank God you fell on this article today. Besides you trust 237Showbiz.com, don’t you? ?

Many artistes often go astray in their musical careers, this is due to ignorance and ”over sabi” as some term it. In the paragraphs that follow, I will try to explain to you guys 3 ways why artistes will hardly succeed.

1. Sponsoring your social media following, buying followers and likes without gaining from it.

Millions of Instagram followers and thousands of Facebook likes doesn’t make you a successful artistes. Most upcoming, independent and established record labels are fond of spending a lot of money building their fan base. Yes, it is OK to have a huge fan base, but if you aren’t getting revenue from the money you spend daily sponsoring every picture of you that you upload, then the sole destination for your moving train is doom!

2. Mr. Do It All By Yourself (OminiKnowest)

We have such cases in almost every music industry. It has become a normal thing for almost every artiste in Cameroon. Apart from being an artiste, you are a song writer, graphic designer, beat maker, producer, PR, manager to your own self and you own a record label in which you are the only signed artiste.

There’s no way you can succeed by doing it all by yourself, you shall reach a point whereby services of others will be highly needed.

Art work
Writing songs
Production, mix and mastering
Public Relations etc.

3. Promotion & Marketing.

Whether you like it or not, it is factual that even real talent still needs promo. Some people even believe that ”Promo Pass Talent.” What do I mean, let me break it down.

You are very talented, highly recognised in your nation. Some even declare you to be the best, yet because of little or poor marketing and promotion, you and your music isn’t going anywhere. Whereas there’s was once an upcoming artiste less talented than yourself, but because of the marketing strategies and promotion team that have put in place necessary measure to push his potentiality, he has overtaken you and is far ahead. In this case, there’s no magic. It’s just a great marketing team with smart brains behind you to perform the magic. Music is business. The earlier the talented (yet to blow artiste) realise this, the better.

Victor Kange