If you just clicked this link, then you must be an inspired upcoming artiste who wants to blow or hammer (Make it big)  in their musical career. I’m not here to teach you how to write songs, neither am I hear to channel you to a witch doctor. If you’re able to write your own songs, sing confidently in a studio booth, then this is for you. Below are 5 THINGS you must do in order to succeed.
1. Work A Good Song.
Be it slows, reggae, blues, rap, hip hop or makossa, make sure your music is good and ready to be consumed. Know the taste of your fans and what the people want. It is this same good music that will bring you collabos and fast promo.
2. Attend More Shows Regularly.
My brother, be it birthdays, red carpets, weddings and concerts, just go there and beg for a performance. Even if it means pay to perform. Club performances, give your CD to the DJ, motivate him to play your songs, it’s on such occasions that you get to meet the big names in the industry. Someone who knows a friend at the TV station or radio house might be listening. Always be on the alert for shows.
3. Kumba Market
Kumba Market is actually one of the biggest markets in the South West.  Other markets such as Mokolo will do. Make sure your songs get on those monthly mixtapes that are often sold onsite. If it means pay for this, don’t hesitate to do so.
4. Upload Your Songs For Free Downloads and Some For Sale.
You know Cameroonians generally love free music downloads, upload like 2 songs for free downloads on sites like www.237showbiz.com in order to reach a wider fan base, then sponsor the link on your social media platforms.
5. Connect To Social Media.
The world keeps evolving, innovations pop out on a daily. The power of social media has overtaken every necessary measure. Open accounts on Facebook, twitter and Instagram, update them daily. Take pro photoshoots with Nji Asonganyi,  Wirkom, Fredash, Ngufor visuals etc. Do short videos of you in the studio during record sessions and interact with your fans. Social media gives you a huge following. Never underestimate the power of it.
When you follow all these steps and eventually blow, don’t forget to say thank you to 237showbiz.com
What are you waiting for? Contact us when you’ve done step 1 2 & 3. You won’t regret. We wish you the best. Don’t forget to bring God Almighty along with you.
– Victor Kange