Good morning 237showbees, we hope the day is going on just fine for you. Once more we come to discover one of our very own celebrities and this week we have the charismatic Dina Leonel who recently dropped his track “Sensation” . Today we will be discovering him as he has never been seen before in 5 Things You Did Not Know About Dina Leonel
1. He Hails From Limbe Town: The artiste is so often mistaken for a citizen of the town of legendary hospitality Buea but actually he is from Limbe.
2. Was Born On The Extra Day Of A Leap Year: Well, if you took your basic arithmetic lessons back in elementary school serious you might remember that instead of 365days a year, leap years have 366days instead owing that extra one day to February.Dina Leonel was born on this extra day, meaning he only gets to celebrate his birthday once in 4years. Crazy right?
3. Has Been Into Music For Many YearsDina Leonel is not a neophyte when it comes to music, in as much as he doesn’t have many releases, he has been behind the scenes writing and co-writing songs for many of his colleagues before ever dropping his own track. Maybe your favourite track was written by him, who knows?

4. He Is Diversified: All around many people brand Dina Leonelas an Afro-Pop artistes, but he has never stuck to hardline pure Afro-Pop style but rather enjoys blending different music genres to produce the kind of music he and his fans love. You know what they say “Variety is the spice of life”.

5. He Is Also An Instrumentalist: The “Sensation” crooner first put his talent as a singer to use in church where he learned how to play instruments such as the drum, the trumpet and others. These skills have remained with him till date.
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 Download  Dina Leonel‘s  latest track sensation here

Written by

Emmanuel Asafor.