Good morning 237showbees, I hope the week is cooling off well on your side. Today we are going to discover another one of our own celebrities, a man with multiple facets which you will be discovering in this article. Dear people today we bring to you 5 Things You Did Not Know About Isi Blink
1. He Started His Career As A Teenager: The young star has always been passionate about music and as such he started his career by releasing a debut album and he was into gospel music back then.
2. He Is Friends With AWU. The fast rising star is close friends with another fast rising star, the new superstar who just featured with The KingKong on “Sidomina” Remix, AWU
3. His Mother Has Been Very Supportive To Him: We must admit this is quite unusual as most parents always imagine their children with white collar jobs. Well, in Isi Blink’s case his mother has been supportive as she sponsored his first ever visual studio album
4. He Is A Sound Engineer: In a bid to add more value to his art, Isi Blink travelled to South Africa and enrolled in CityVarsity School of Media and Creative Arts to perfect his skills in Sound Engineering and Music Production
5. He Is Founder And CEO of Da Blink Music. Somebody said that the artistes who have greater chances of going international and making it big ate tjose who do more than sing. Isi Blink is one of those who do more than sing, he is a sound engineer and producer and also an entrepreneur as he has his own production house called Da Blink Music.
With all these said, we can see that Isi Blink is one of those artistes who are headed for the top, probably one of those who will help achieve that takeover dream Cameroonian music habours. Catch you next week at the discovery of another one of our very own celebrities.