Hello 237showbees, we hope this week kicks off well for you. Today we will be discovering one of our very own star who is making waves currently. I am talking about Micki Wren. Less than a week ago he dropped “How We Roll”, which is a love song like no other before it. So, you may know the artiste but do you know the man? Get to know more about the artiste today with us in 5 Things You Did Not Know About Micki Wren!

1.     He Doesn’t Smoke: One of the prejudices which have always marked the music industry worldwide is that almost all music artistes smoke or indulge in the consumption of one drug or the other. Some even argue that they need it to boost their creativity. Well, our boy Micki Wren is among those who do not need any of these things to remain on top of his game.

2.     Very Selective Of Food: The artiste has a rather complicated taste when it comes to food and as such he tends to be very selective of what he eats. Tough days ahead for his woman, right?

3.     Has A Passion For Dwarfs:  I don’t know how possible this is, but yes, our dear Micki Wren is highly passionate of dwarfs. Maybe he has some parental links with them, who knows?

4.     He Is Compassionate: Micki Wren is one of those persons who will gladly help an old woman carry her stuff from the market to her home for nothing other than the sheer happiness of seeing that old lady smile happily. Yeah, that’s how compassionate he is!

5.     Prefers His Women Natural: Micki Wren is among the old school guys who prefer his women without make up. Not for any special reason other than that he finds women with little or no make up more attractive, he is an interest guy isn’t he?

That said dear readers; we have come to the end of this journey to discover the man Micki Wren. We thank you for your attention, to discover and appreciate better the creativity of this amazing artiste, download and listen to his most recent track “How We Roll” here on www.237showbiz.com.

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