Hello 237showbees, once more you are all welcome to another edition of our celebrity spot. This week we bring to you Cameroon’s youngest producer, he is also one of the fastest rising producers in the Cameroonian music industry. Today we bring to you MrMcCoy as you have never seen him before in 5Things You Did Not Know About MrMcCoy.

1. He Is Single: Despite his growing success and notoriety which is getting him a lot of attention from the ladies, the producer/beat maker is still single and he chooses to remain so in a bid to reduce the distractions that might hinder his full commitment to his work.

2. He Is Left-Handed: The “Wild Ass Producer” as he his fondly called, unlike the better part of the work’s  population, uses mainly his left hand for his activities.

3. He Is Into Rap Too: MrMcCoy has been a staunch lover of show business since his tender childhood and apart from producing and making beats his also tried his hands to rap as he featured in the “Ici c’est Soa” freestyle with Fear Flavour, Kazim X and produced by Dijay Chuks of Fear Entertainment. You should check it out, MrMcCoy’s verse is cool.

4. Been Into Beat Making Since 13: Yes, it’s no joke! MrMcCoy got in his element and found his passion at an early age and realized exactly what he wanted to do with his life. That is purpose.

5. Studies Business Management and Administration: The producer of Briana Lesley’sC’est la vie” goes by the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and in that light he is currently in the final year of his first degree in Business Management and Administration in the University of Yaounde 2, Soa.

We have come to the end of this edition, we wish you all a wonderful week with us. Catch you next week when we go at the discovery of another one of our very own celebrities.