Hello 237showbees, how was the weekend? Well we hope it was smooth on you all! Today we bring to you one of Cameroon’s most amazing female rappers, who recently released her single “G.O.E” which is an acronym for God Over Everything. The single is a gospel hip hop track which showcases the versatility of the artiste. So we bring Nanova to you today as you have never seen her before in 5 Things You Did Not Know About Nanova

1.     Started Performing In Church: As a kid Nanova had already discovered her passion for music and as such she started feeding this passion by performing gospel do music in church.

2.     Has A Degree in Agricultural Engineering: Even though her passion is music and despite her determination to chase her dream whole heartedly, a little contingency plan is always a plus. As such Nanova holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering. So if music goes south she will have engineering to at least safe her from hunger.

3.     Loves Cooking: The “G.O.E” crooner is a big lover of the kitchen. Typical African woman, right?

4.    First Child Of 4: In her family, she is that kid that poses many times as an assistant parent. As a first-born in an African family a lot of responsibilities come with the birth of your younger ones and most times the first born is forced to grow too fast. That is who Nanova is in her family.

5.     She’s A Professional Make-up Artistes: If you were wondering who makes Nanova look absolutely stunning in her pictures and videos then you wondering is over. She does the make-up herself as this is one of her multiple competencies.

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