We hooked up with US based singer and songwriter Ale Myz for an interview. She had some really interesting answers to tell us about her music and Career. Enjoy.

237showbiz: Tell us about yourself?  Who is Ale Myz?

Ale Myz is a very ambitious singer/songwriter who grew up in Limbe- Cameroon and believes she will be great someday with the kind of music she does.

237showbiz: How and when did you start making music?

I’ve been singing since the age of 7, but my first studio experience was back in 2007 when my high school accapella group recorded an album at M1 studios, Buea. It was a wonderful experience such that I started considering doing music. I put out my first cover online in 2013 and got lots of compliments, then I continued putting out covers, until November 2015 when I put out my first official single “Fire.”

237showbiz: Tell us about your latest project the Reminisce EP.

The Reminisce is my second EP in 2 years. It centers around me reminiscing and reflecting on past experiences – many of you will relate to these experiences. This project has 5 songs and a bonus track and it features Gee Reign, Mel B Akwen & Bonzyz. Reminisce EP is refreshing music which is quite different from the regular music you hear every day which I’m sure you’re getting tired of. I rarely follow trendy sounds – I just do music based on how I feel and how I can see people relating to it. I’ll just let you check out the EP if you haven’t already.

237showbiz: You are based in the diaspora. Which is your main target? Cameroon or the USA?

My main target is Cameroon. I was born and raised there. A Cameroonian obviously relates more to what I sing about than an American.

237showbiz: What was it like working with the likes of Gee Reign and Tam Gaëlo?

Gee Reign is very easy to work with. I’ve been a fan of his since 2011 when I started following Cameroon Urban music. He’s super talented and his songs are too dope and unique. Last year, my team suggested he could feature on the remix of ‘Falling’ (Original song on my first EP) because the song fits the kind of music he does. I thought it was a great idea. So they went ahead and contacted him, sent him the song, he liked it and accepted to jump on it immediately. It turned out to be one of the most loved songs in the EP.
I feel blessed working with Tam Gaëlo. He’s very professional. The level of knowledge he has when it comes to the music creation process and music business is amazing. I am glad I get to benefit and learn from his knowledge and expertise.

237showbiz: What do you think about the Cameroon music industry?

It’s slowly growing. With hard work, consistency, lots of collaborations and continuous support from Cameroonians themselves, we’ll get to the level of BETs and GRAMMY nominations.

237showbiz: Urban music is growing at very high rate. However, there are sole drawbacks depriving its growth. Hate, envy and jealousy. What are your views about this?

It’s really sad and unfortunate! All those ills you mentioned exists in every society, so I don’t think it will ever be completely eradicated.  However, I really wish and pray we can put aside our egos and work together, help each other for the good of the industry. If you have some vital information or resource that will benefit or help your fellow artist, why not share it rather than keep it to yourself, because you are scared they are going to outshine you? When you help others, God opens wider doors for you.

237showbiz: Apart from making music, what other careers do you look up to for livelihood?

I just got done studying a Business IT programming course and I’m looking forward to starting a mini career in that field.

237showbiz: You just dropped an EP with amazing songs and a couple features that featured on our blog and was well reviewed by our readers. What other projects are you working on?

I am happy to hear that. Looking forward to dropping another video from the Reminisce EP, hopefully soon. Also working on a couple of singles.

237showbiz: What is it like working with ”The Gaëlo Outcome? ”

It’s a blessing. I can’t thank God enough for linking me up with the best and creative minds who actually have my interest at heart and everyone’s got everyone’s back. Though sometimes we differ in perspectives and disagree on how certain aspects of my career should be, we always at the end of the day, analyze the pros and cons and choose the best options that is beneficial to all.

237showbiz: Who is your favorite Camer female artiste you look up to?
Grace Decca, but in recent times, Reniss.

237showbiz: Every artiste expects to grow as time goes by. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Oh yes, in 5 years the name Ale Myz should have already be a house hold name in Camer and in Africa! I will have put out full albums and I see myself touring many cities in and out of Camer and making waves.

237showbiz: Which Kamer artiste will you like to work with and why?

I want to work with Reniss. She’s a force to reckon with and the originality of her music strikes me a lot. I’ve been following her since 2011 and I watched as her career grew.

237showbiz: There was a lot going on with Afrima awards and Montess not deserving it. What was your reaction?

Well initially, these were the questions and thoughts running through my mind: “what criteria did they use? and how come Reniss and Daphne who both had international hits, EPs, Albums, concerts/shows, etc. to their names not win?” It sometimes feels like some of these trophies are bought or they di just dasham daso, rather than it being given to those who clearly merit it. Things as such get to tarnish the credibility of these award shows. It’s for such reasons that people like Jovi decides not to care about them. Something like this happened last year when Afrima awarded best Central African male artist and best African rapper to people who by popular opinion, didn’t merit it, now, this year we have this. The thing is this; Montess clearly is talented and worthy of winning awards, but this year and last year compared to the achievements of Reniss and Daphne?? No!  But then again, I thought maybe it was a way for them to showcase another Cameroonian act for Africa to watch out for. In all, it’s a good thing she brought it home for Camer – it helps raise our bar regardless.

237showbiz: Your Kamer celebrity crush?
Dynastie Le Tigre.

237showbiz: The upcoming artiste of our generation are often neglected by the award winning and established ones. As an upcoming act, have you been in such a situation, what do you think about this?

Well I’ve approached 1 or 2 for a collabo and I was kinda ignored. I mean, I understand if you don’t feel the song and you tell me – that’s different. It’s really sad because tomorrow when your buzz has gone away, you will turn around and ask for collaborations from those same artists you ignored who may be having their buzz at that time.

237showbiz: English-speaking artistes now switch to French in their lyrics while the French speaking now use English in their lyrics. Do you think such twist is necessary? 

Well, I listen to music regardless of what language it is sung in. So long as it touches me and I feel a connection to it, I’m good. I think it’s ok if an anglo artist puts like 30% French in their songs, but when the French is 70%, that’s when there’s a little problem. But hey, even if you decide to sing 100% in French and the music is good, I personally will still listen and enjoy it. However, my fellow artists shouldn’t be pressured into trying to sing in French/English as it’s not necessarily a recipe to get a hit song. The people will still listen and enjoy if your music is good.

237showbiz: Salatiel is often referred to as the Don Jazzy of Cameroon, DJ Pazzo Sangtum as the Dr Dre. Will you like to be defined using another artiste’s profile?
No. I like to be my own Artist and be defined by my own profile. However it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It gives the impression you are doing something equally as good as what the bigger name is doing.

237showbiz: What do we need to better the polluted atmosphere of the Cameroon music industry?
We need to practice what we preach. Everyone claims to preach unity; working together and supporting each other but our actions do not match what we say. We need to stop fooling ourselves.

237showbiz: One word for those with too much talent but don’t have the opportunity to showcase their talent?

Lazy. You have to go out there and grab those opportunities and showcase those talent anywhere you find yourself. No angel Gabriel is going to come down and give you the platform. We always start from somewhere. For example, for a singer, you could sing in your church, in the market, in the streets, hussle to perform at the numerous events that happen everyday and every weekend, do videos with your phone and upload online, etc.
When you do that and people see that you are good, consistent and serious about what you are doing, that’s how you get the bigger deals. Life is not a bed of roses.
Sorry, I know you said one word, lol!. I had to explain myself so that people don’t misunderstand why I said that.

237showbiz: Well that was all we could wrap for you on this segment. Thanks for letting us being a part of your career journey. We love you at 237Showbiz.
I appreciate that. Thank you 237Showbiz.
Interviewed by;
– Victor Kange