What is or should be the role of the Cameroonian Entertainment Industry in societal growth? The question seems to have struck a chord among our artists and caused them to have a rethink as concerns the part they are suppose to play as the voice of the public. We are now witnessing a growth in awareness among our artists who up till now seemed to be blind to the many problems facing our nation, mainly the crisis in the English-Speaking regions which seems to be degenerating each day. After

After Magasco who has urged his fans to join him provoke dialogue between the leaders of both sides by using the hashtag #CreatASolution, we have Salatiel who dropped the audio of his new single “One By One“. In this new single he talks about love and addresses a very pertinent issue which interrogates the legacy we leave behind after our death. Our artists clearly have heard the cry of the public and seem to be now more than ever conscious of their strength as public figures in the influencing of societal issues.

Is this a dawn of a new era, the era where our artists serve as the voice of the masses or is it just a massive coincidence which is being misinterpreted? Do well to share your thoughts on this.

Written By

Emmanuel Asafor