There is a phenomenon that is very lightly taken in the Cameroonian music industry but which is very important as it can be used by some to qualify in one way or the other the strength or weakness of our industry. This is the signing of Cameroonian young talents by foreign record labels and as it stands almost no one has commented on it, it even seems not to be noticed by anyone. Young talents like Tneeya who is signed under Aristokrat Records of Nigeria , Mihney who is with Eben Entertainment of Gabon and most shocking of all Tenor who is signed under Universal Music are glaring examples of this phenomenon. This thus calls for attention as record labels are not what lacks in Cameroon but yet these foreign labels still come here and take Cameroonian talents right in front of them.

Also, there are some Cameroonian labels which have only one artiste, some have only two, so we are left to question whether home-based record labels do not bother about recruiting new talents or are just incapable of offering a good deal to this young talents? Feel free to share your thoughts on this.

Written by;

Emmanuel Asafor