Every Hard Work Deserves A Reward. The highly anticipated Balafon Music Awards ceremony took place on the night of December 10th 2020 in the economic capital city of Cameroon, Douala at “La Place de St David de Bonanjo”. The Balafon Music Awards is one in which rewards, recognizes Cameroon talent. The show was a spectacular one and below is our full list of winners.


Check out the list of WINNERS

Female Revelation of the Year

  • Darina Victry
  • Rinyu
  • Sandy
  • Daniela AHANDA

Winner: Darina Victry

Male Revelation of the Year

  • Les Médecins de Medeline
  • Vivid
  • Vanister

Winner: Les Médecins de Medeline

Best Collaboration

  • Nabila/ Tenor (Pardon pars)
  • TZY Panchak/ Vivid/ Cleo Grae/ Gasha (Tomorrow) 
  • Minks / Kameni (Sissiah)
  • Daphne / Koffi Olomide (you got it)
  • Magasco/ Lady Ponce (Nyang Nyang)

Winner: TZY Panchak/ Vivid/ Cleo Grae/ Gasha (Tomorrow) 

Best Video Clip

  • Mes respects (Blanche Bailly)
  • Ne touche pas (SALATIEL)
  • Pala Pala (Ko-C)
  • Les Mêmes Mêmes choses (LOCKO)

Winner: Les Mêmes Mêmes choses (LOCKO)

Female Voice of the Year

  • Nabila
  • Darina Victry
  • Sandy
  • Daphne
  • Rinyu

Winner: Darina Victry

Male Voice of the Year

  • Locko
  • Jacky Kingue
  • Tzy Panchak
  • Salatiel
  • Mr Leo

Winner: Locko

Song of the Year

  • Chérie Coco ( Jacky Kingue)
  • Ne touche pas (Salatiel)
  • Laisse-moi t’aimer ( Darina Victry)
  • Les Mêmes Mêmes choses (Locko)
  • Le pied de Yagami ( Les Medecins de Médeline)

Winner: Laisse-moi t’aimer (Darina Victry)

Album of the Year

  • Locked up (Locko)
  • Stanley vs Enow ( Stanley Enow)
  • Mon univers ( Nabila)
  • Suprême (Lady Ponce)

Winner: Locked up (Locko)

Female Artiste of the Year

  • Nabila
  • Daphné
  • Blanche Bailly
  • Darina Victry
  • Kameni

Winner: Kameni

Male Artiste of the Year

  • Locko
  • Salatiel
  • Ko-C
  • Jacky Kingue
  • Mr Leo

Winner: Ko-c


Holiday Tube Awards: Aveiro Djess – Le Nyama

Balafon Special Award: Dynastie Le Tigre

Balafon Honors Awards: Salle John. 

All winners of this year’s edition went home with a cash prize of 250.000CFA each. Special prizes for Best Male and Female artistes also received a plot of land (300m2) situated in the city of Douala.