Body Exposure: Greatest Argument of Cameroonian Female Artists Or Just an Easy Way out to Fame

Looking at all the recent videos released by most of our female artists, there’s definitely enough to see. There’s more cleavage, more flesh in fact more of our female artists are showing off more of their body than ever before. This practice has become more recurrent and one might be tempted to believe that this is a prerequisite for success in the industry. But it hasn’t always been so, in the past artists who bet on body exposure as a way to make it in the music world were greatly criticized and shunned, but now that just seems to be the norm. So a lot of people are in wonder if this is just an effect of globalization or does Cameroonian music really need exhibitionism.


We have now at every peak into a music video some exhibitionism, no matter the topic up for discussion in the song, there its always some exposure present and some artistes have even made it some sort of a trademark and the social media is greatly helping these artistes, with platforms like Instagram permit these artists to show off as much skin as they deem fit. Artists like Blanche Bailly, Daphne and Lady Ponce who as we may all know are greatly endowed physically miss no opportunity to turn heads on social media, during concerts and in their videos, in the case of Blanche Bailly some people even say her curves are more popular than her music . Some others became popular by the sole ticket of exhibitionism, that is we first saw their curves and how much cleavage they could show, before we ever heard a soundtrack from them.

Blanche Bailly – ”Dinguo” video shoot

For some, the only reason they get a lot of YouTube views is because of how much flesh they show, very little attention is given to what they have to offer as concerns music and that is why we find it difficult to listen to their audios. Why they bet so much on exposure cannot be really well explained ,given that it seems to be “the trends in the world and those who do not follow it just go into some darkness as concerns the world of entertainment. Anyways,I think artists in general (because male artists also seem use female body exposure extensively in their videos) and the females in particular should focus on content, on the message their music sends out ,on the cultural relevance of their tracks and even the way their music sounds in the ea rather than showing us how bare they can go in their music videos, we already have a lot of that from Hollywood.

Written by

Emmanuel Asafor