AFRIMA awards which are oroban the most anticipated awards on the African continent has come and gone. The award rewards African excellence in music and encourages other artistes to put in their best to make the most of their career and to sell the good image of the African continent. There were a few modifications to the award that worked clearly for the betterment of the award ceremony, the most remarkable change being the venue which was moved from Nigeria to Ghana. 

Cameroonian music has had tremendous growth lately and as such we had a very large number of nominees and more than 80% of them answered present for the award ceremony. Even some Cameroonian artistes who weren’t nominated for any award turned out, probably to show support to their brothers and sisters who were nominated. It goes without saying that the esteem our artistes showed for AFRIMA is simply breathtaking, they were dressed up for the red carpet and prompt for the nominees party. 

That aside, a lot of Cameroonian music fans envisaged this ceremony with a lot of enthusiasm, given that with a lot of nominations common sense will want that Cameroon comes home with a lot of awards. Well, common sense didn’t really have much weight at AFRIMA this year, did it? Cameroonian artistes were all pretty and handsome, slaying on the red carpet but as it is for the awards, that is what they went there for. Only Daphne got any award for Cameroon, that of Best Central African Female Artistes. This is not the first time we are witnessing such this year, at AFRIMMA in the United States we witnessed the same scenario. Leaving us to question where the problem is?

We do not understand whether Cameroonians do not turn up massively to vote for our artistes apart from Daphne of course, the artistes do not lead a decent campaign or they are simply not meriting of these awards? A lot of people by the way questioned the credibility of the nomination s after they saw artistes whose stronghold wasn’t even established at home getting nominated in the same categories as international acts from fellow African nations. That said, the entire 237showbiz team extends its congratulations once more to the beautiful Daphne, thanking her for always representing Cameroonian music everywhere she goes.