Charlotte, NC, August 28, 2017: Steven’s Music Ent. announces the release of two new singles from their artist Daphne. She is currently on her “Africa invasion tour” and the release of these two tracks will continue to project her as one of the biggest acts to come out of Cameroon in recent memory.

After the release of song of the year candidate “Caleé”, Daphne is continuing her love escapade with “Promet Moi” and “Jusqu’à la Gare”.

Daphne’s partnership with Apha Better’s production house is proving to be one made in music heaven. With “Promet Moi”, Big Joe, famously known for producing “Que’est ce qui n’a par marché”, succeeded in producing a beat that not only complimented Daphne’s voice, but allowed the track to soak in all the emotions of the lyrics to bring you what is sure to become a classic. It’s a soothing beat that will keep u moving. Daphne takes her message in “Caleé” to the logical next step by making a promise to her lover; “mon cheri faut que tu le saches mon coeur tu le tien…C’est toi…”.

“Promet Moi” may just take Daphne over the top…this is so well written and the production is dope!

On “Jusqu’à la Gare”, Daphne teamed up with superstar producer Salatiel to bring us what is sure to be a big record. Daphne opens by declaring “Baby Boy your love is killing me…the way that you loving me…my baby am sure I can tell you are the one for me…” if  you think of “Caleé” as  Daphne meeting this guy she is fixated on and “Promet Moi” as  her declaring that he is the love of her life  (T’est l’amour de ma life, baby you’re my lover…), then “Jusqu’à la Gare” rounds it all up with her declaration that “le marriage/ndolo c’est jusqu’à la gare…”.

“Daphne is the real deal. Looks like “Caleé” was just the intro. These two songs are on another level…” Chuzi Dadido (Industry SME)

Daphne’s introduction to the Cameroon and African music scene, has seen her flourish and produce multiple hits and she’s looking forward to continuously perform for and enthrall her fans all over the world.

“Promet Moi” and “Jusqu’à la Gare” will be released on Sept 1 2017 and will be available on all SME digital platforms and on all major digital distribution channels (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify etc.)

“I have not released two singles in a day before. I am excited to see the fans reaction. I hope they love these songs as much as I do and I can’t wait to start performing these songs in front of them… whew! It’s been a fun ride and I am glad I got my fans with me.” Daphne.


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