Africa’s biggest Hitmaker Davido, after haven toured round the  world in 2017, Davido  decided 2018 will be the year for his People in Africa. His 30Billion African tour began on the 3rd of march in Kigali Rwanda where he was expected to have a show and a host of activities to follow after. His African Tour began by a press conference, with a show to follow suite .

Contrary to what had happened  in the past, Davido’s  shows were usally organised by Local promoters, and this time around His 30BillionAfricanTour 2018 is  the first time a Major Company Such as Sony Music Cote D’ivoire is in powerful Collaboration and partnership with established African Promoters on the Globe for an artist of such magnitude.

This is in effect a strong Panafrican bond which many are hoping is going to be a long lasting relationship that will benefit both parties.

Davido is scheduled to be  in Cameroon on the 17th of March in Douala, and this Concert is organized by IconProdAfrica in collaboration with Sony Music Cote D’ivoire.

Do you want to be part of History and Greatness? endeavour not to be a late comer, buy your tickets now  before it is too late. Tickets are already on sale for 5000 Frs & 10000 Frs.

You can get yours at any of the following spots: -ICONProd ( Cité Sic, opposite mobile Guinness) or Saphir Hall in Akwa (Digicam opposite Drugstore) . For more details regarding Ticket Sales contact  693130381/ 675586425
Guest Artist to Perform: Dynastie Le tigre, Teety Tezano , Duc- z, Tzy Panchak, Boy Tag, Nabila, Obaker.