Before i go deep into what this post is all about, Lets  Know the differences between copying and stealing when it comes to crafts and design.

According to Ferdinand Vogler Stealing means replicating a design end-to-end. The company wants to profit from the attributes the design communicates. Stealing is an insidious attempt at not being discovered.

Copying is different. It’s the way we learn. Copying means being influenced by an idea and applying it in a different form and context.

Now back to the Point of this article, According to the Top 10 Cameroonian Records labels of 2017 made by this website, Alpha Better Records  occupied top  spot  for the  year 2017. Alpha Better Records is one of the Most  Popular Labels in Cameroon and is gradually growing into a House hold name in Africa. This label is the main house to  some of  Cameroon’s leading artists such as Mr Leo, Askia, Salatiel & Blaise B.

Today it was anonymously tipped to our team, that the Buea based Label’s logo is a theft/Copy of a brand logo already existing by the name of  Antonio Burruel. Now being such a big label it is dissapointing to see that such an unprofessional act can come from one of Cameroon’s leading label’s.

The Logo of such a huge label speaks volumes and plays a very important role in the public image of the company. Alpha Better Records is about to start producing T-shirts, Pullovers and Sleepers with this logo, what if  Antonio Burruel  sues them  for theft? They could lose a huge amount of money because of this. Have a look at the two logo’s  above , Do you think it is copied? is it a call for concern? let us know what you think…below

For the doubting thomas’s this is an extra screenshot for the exact logo on the website of Antonio Burruel.

Antonio Burrel3



Antonio Burruel’s Details Here: Website ,& Here

Written By:

Emmanuel Mfon