New Bell Music rapper Jovi was LIVE yesterday evening on his Facebook page. The Pimentcam crooner who has been getting much criticisms about his music videos is now applauded after fans watched the spectacular Pimentcam video put together by Cameroonian director Ndukong. While LIVE on his Facebook page, the rapper was asked so many questions. One which got our attention was when the rapper was asked who his favorite Cameroonian MC is. Without hesitation he responded.
Watch an excerpt of the video below.

Pascal remains his favorite MC. This is kind of shocking because if Jovi still believes in Pascal, that means he cares about the Paapi crooner. Big question is, should Pascal move back to New Bell Music or focus on his career as a solo artiste? From all indications, it seems as both rappers still keep a good relationship and may work something together later in the future.

More so, Pascal’s absence from the scene seems to have given enough room to work and ”cook” something which seems to be wavy and might come forth soon. The rapper who has been getting some strange accolades on social media by a few persons is enough evidence that something big is about to drop. See a few screenshots below.

What do you think? Does the rapper still has much to prove? What do you think about the Jovi shout out? Drop your thoughts below.

Victor Kange