Someone once said that the artistes whom will survive longer in the music game are those who produce themselves, or even if they do not produce themselves they at least should know how to make beats are acquire some music-related skill that will boost up their CV and put them in a position of strength in the music industry. This reasoning does has its place as we can see how far artistes who self-produce their music have gone and it also greatly reduces cost given that when paying producers can be very costly and from a recent study carried out by Chi Fabz of KESAMagazine producers in the Cameroonian music industry are by far the highest earning stakeholders in the industry and as such if an artistes can produce himself, he will not only be saving tons of cash but will also be eligible to make more tons of cash off the backs of those who cannot produce themselves, we can see this clearly with Salatiel of Alpha Better Records who produces himself and the artistes of his label and also artistes of other labels such as Daphne of Steven’s Music. This clearly indicates that another music-related skill on the CV of any artistes is definitely something worth applauding and worth envisaging for any artistes who wants to bring more value other than just singing or dropping bars to the industry. So does this mean all artistes who do not produce, make beats or have any other music-related skill are looming head first for doom? We have some really great artistes in Cameroon whom so far have needed nothing other than their voices and creativity to steal the hearts of the public, their genius has placed them on a kind of pedestal and for some their lyricism has definitely won the race(if there is any) for them. So does the fact that they only sing or only rap make the less of an artiste than their multi-tasking colleagues? What do you think about this, is it absolutely necessary for artistes to blend their singing or rapping skills with some other music-related skill or is their music enough to make them go the distance?

Emmanuel Asafor