The word Afrima seems to be the most typed word on all social media platforms in Africa and Cameroon  since  Sunday the 12th of November 2017. Then we can also agree the name Montess comes second after Cameroonians have been at loggerheads because she was awarded for the category for Best Female Artiste Central Africa.

A lot of music lovers and fans world wide are for the fact that Afrima and Afrimma are not credible enough. There are so many loopholes as far as these award shows are concerned.

Afrima tactics proves that for a nominee to be awarded, the nominee must be present at the ceremony, if not then they’ve lost automatically. It’s totally impossible for you to win at the Afrima if you don’t make it to the ceremonial ground. So before you stand a chance to win, be ready to fly yourself into the award ceremony, then maybe perform one or two songs.

So we’re thinking, since Montess took the risk to attend the show, she had an upper hand over her fellow country women RENISS and DAPHNE who for several reasons couldn’t make it to Nigeria. It’s obvious New Bell Music hardly even campaigns for votes whenever their artistes are nominated. I personally think Daphne should be more worried since the likes of Reniss didn’t put in even 1% effort on voting campaigns. But against Popular Opinion, Montess also did a great job, by frequently asking for her fans to vote for her, so to a certain extent her win can be justified.

Let’s hear it from you guys, how credible is Afrima. Can an artiste win from the comfort of his/her bedroom?  Is it attendance or merit? and do you think  it is High time we concentrate and give value to home based Awards such as UJAMZ,  Bonteh Media Awards,  and Canal D’or? kindly leave your comments behind.

– Victor Kange