As we all wait impatiently for the 22nd of December to come, where we will see Magasco attempt to shut down the Yaoundé Multi-purpose sports complex, a lot of people are still bothered about the effect Niska’s concert organized by MTN Cameroon can have on Magasco. As we may well know, even though filling up the concert venue is a noble goal, the real deal is delivering a good show for the fans that will come out to support the artistes, and it is for this reason that some music fans are still expressing doubts over tue feasibility of a Magasco concert holding the next day after Niska’s concert.

After Tenor’s concert at the same venue a lot of criticism was made pertaining to the quality of sound delivered to the public, this too has been raised by some music fans as concerns Magasco’s concert given that Niska and Magasco are holding the concerts under two different organizational teams. Wiring a hall for a musical concert, especially one as big as the Yaoundé Multi-purpose sports complex is a daunting task. Say the MTN Cameroon organized concert ends in the early hours of the morning and Magasco’s team begins doing the connections in line with his own concert which will have the first part in the early hours of evening, it means that the time frame for the wiring of the hall is remarkably thin and Magasco’s team will have to work under a lot of pressure and whoever says pressure says high risk of errors.

Also, the hall will have to be cleaned, the banners and posters around the concert venue will have to be replaced and all these will have to happen in about 10hours or less. I mean you wouldn’t want to get into a hall for a highly anticipated concert like Magasco’s Golden Show and see biscuit jackets and plastic bottles littered all over the place and you will definitely not want to walk into the place and notice Niska’s face on some wall. With all these said it is quite clear that Magasco’s team has a lot on their hands. While we waiting for the d-day to see how things turn out, do you think Niska’s concert which will be holding in the same hall the day before Magasco’s concert will have any adverse effect on Magasco’s ambition to shut down the Yaoundé Multi-purpose sports complex. Drop your thoughts in the comment section.