Ndélé and Frappé hits urban music sensation Queen Mel B Akwen in her Frappe Media tour on #TIARADIOSHOW and LIVE on Sweet FM with Nabil Nabstar Fongod a.k.a Nabstar 4 Real kept it real as the singer revealed some shocking juice about Dynastie Le Tigre.

Mel B who was interested in working on a collabo with Dynastie Le Tigre as she always responded on TV and interviews whom she will like to work with on the same song felt devastated after she got into contacts with the “Dingue De Toi” singer via WhatsApp and sent him a sample of the kind of beats she’ll like for the two of them to work on.

Mel B on TIA Radio show claimed before sending the audio file to Dynastie Le Tigre via WhatsApp said she greeted the artiste saying “Bonjour”. Seeing this as not enough or because it didn’t come with a heart or kiss emoji, Dynastie began throwing insults at her. Mel B says Dynastie said she couldn’t even think of asking him how he slept before sending him the beats.

She added that Dynastie said he was going to destroy her career and that she’s a nobody and nothing but his little sister in the music scene. Dynastie went on adding that Mel B Akwen only an upcoming artiste who is still trying to see the light and could never afford to pay him the sum of 3.000.000CFA which he demands from other artistes.

Mel B felt disappointed in Dynastie as she always looked up to Dynastie not only as an artiste but someone who sends out music respecting women.

Well this seems to be that kind of juice still in ice blocks and difficult to drink up. I wonder why she kept this to herself all this while.

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Victor Kange