Popular London based Cameroonian Promoter Napocite LEBlondnoir Rants on facebook about certain ills hitting the entertainment industry. He sets an example on Davido’s concert currently going on in cameroon, with no sponsors, he explains the main problems promoters face when they want to book an artists. Also  Davido’s performance at Las Vegas  in Buea, had many fans saying it was a mess, fans waiting for hours, enough cameroonian artists not given the room to perform, poor program coordination, only about 5% of home based songs being played. ” Why did the managers not call Cameroonian acts for the opening event? a Fan cries,  “They prefered davido who walks in at the event at 3am drinks his champagne and leaves under an hour” another fan Larments. With all that said, hopefully they take the critics and strive to make it better, because right now there is much room for improvement. Have a read and drop your comments below