(If you just clicked this link, then you must be a worried fan who needs love from his/her favourite artistes. Tag them, make sure they read this)
Music consumers, lovers of showbiz and entertainment are also people in need. There are millions of fans worldwide who need the services of public figures, be it artistes, producers, actors, DJs, directors and models. This helping hand seems to be disabled as these public figures tend to demand a lot from the same fans who tend to support them, be it in kind or in cash.
Fans are responsible for atleast 40% of the success of an artiste, be it a footballer or actor. These fans will buy music online, pay tickets to shows, share links, watch videos on YouTube and even rubbish themselves in the comment sections of every social media platforms trying to protect the image of their favourite celebs. Unfortunately, most of these artistes don’t give a damn about the interest of their fans. It’s not only about giving the people good music. It’s about looking into their pleas the way they look into yours.
A fan might need the services of his/her favourite artiste, let’s say for about an hour or two, be it to boost his/her business or surprise that precious little daughter or son of his or hers who just turned 5 and is also a huge fan. A few artistes will actually do this for free or less, others will just turn the page like it never came to their notice. One of the most reasons artistes succeed is humility, being humble and simple brings in a lot of success for every art.
Sometimes, supporting these artistes yields no fruits. For instance, you subscribe to data bundles daily, just to get connected and follow people help them make their money. Some fans even sleep on social platforms, others make a little money from it, cheers to that.
I really think the artistes are alive because the fans give in their all. To the artistes, make the fans feel loved, have sessions with them. Create space and time, go live, create giveaways, give them stuff, be it t-shirts, dinner dates and stuff. This will make them feel loved. I know a few fans whom till date aren’t okay mentally because they went crazy when their favourite artistes ”Liked” their comment some even screenshot when they’re being replied. Its a funny feeling but it’s worth it. I’m a fan, I know how it feels..
Just like the Chris Brown F. A. M. E album (Fans. Are. My. Everything)  make your fan your everything. Even if its just a single follower.
You’ll agree if you are a fan. Tell us what you think, the comment section is all yours. #Fanzone
-Victor Kange