Seeing Daphne‘s poor performance at the just ended Mutziq Star Competition won by Vanessa Monjoa, I expected countless number of Facebook rants from top artistes, producers just like what we had earlier this year from Blaise B Akwandor a day after Tzy Panchak performed live at the Afrimma awards in the USA yet I couldn’t find any.

Unfortunately for Stevens Music’s queen Daphné, it seems as she didn’t heed to the advice of Blaise B aka His Vocal Highness when he called on Camer artistes to work on their live performances. Daphné sounded poor, many fans noticed her struggling with her performance as she sounded tired and full of fatigue. Although the year hasn’t ended yet, many have already asking the popular star to take a vacation and rest from the many tours and shows she’s been having.

With such a performance, many fans are thinking every little bone is chewed and given to her to swallow so as to be able to digest her hit songs like Calée and promets moi.

It is now clear, there is a huge difference with recording in a studio booth and singing live.

Its sad for Daphné because not only are fans disappointed with her performance, award winning bloggers Such as Atome , artiste managers were also Dissapointed. So it is needless for some of you to think one is throwing shade.
Below are a couple of Reactions from Atome the blogger of VoillaMoi Blog and  another fan.

You may want to join us to agree that artistes still have more to learn.  Daphne, has had a couple of good live performances, if this was due to lack of practice or fatigue we recommend that the Queen should have some rest, its been a busy year. We don’t want to see such in 2018. Tell us what you think.

– Victor Kange