Rome they say wasn’t built in a day. It took patience, hard work, time and dedication to make it happen. If you take a look at underground artistes from other music industries like Ghana, S.A and Nigeria, you can’t compare them with the ones we have in Cameroon in terms of growth and delivery. Many underground artistes in the Cameroonian music industry find it very difficult to blow due to one or two plagues blocking their way.

Firstly, the very high prices of studio sessions, beats, mastering and recording music producers tend to charge some of the underground artistes is always alarming. Video directors on their part also come and make the killing with their millions of francs price tag. With all these expenditure, the artistes are left with absolutely nothing to spend for the promotion of their music. Hence, they keep on remaining on the low.

Moreso, underground artistes find it difficult to blow because they don’t have good marketing and distribution channels that can help market the song. This you might think boils down to expenditure but no. It is very difficult to get airplay or put your songs on huge media platforms like Trace Africa, MTV Base etc.

Another reason why underground artistes find it difficult to blow is the fact that they don’t save their image especially artistes in Buea. They are seen almost everywhere and at all times. No one will like to pay a concert ticket for an artiste they know they’ll definitely see at a snack bar, poker house or restaurant. Artistes should protect their image.

The abovementioned is on the side of the artistes themselves.  One natural reason why underground artistes find it difficult to blow is because ”They don’t respect you when you are upcoming” especially in Cameroon. Fans will hardly give their support to upcoming or underground artistes when they are at the beginning of their career.

Let us all hold hands of support and push all those making a name for our nation. Support your artistes, buy their albums, their movies and see them grow.

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– Victor Kange