is arguably one of, if not the most controversial personalities in the Cameroonian music industry. From staying away from collaborations with artistes who aren’t signed to his New Bell Music, to staying away from interviews and maintaining his megalomaniac status. The man is making a mystery of himself, most people at a certain point in time saw


as a kind voice for the people, from the man who said “degree dem dey for mbanda, any man di gi choko” to the man now saying “all ma nga dem get big bobi“, he has long swayed away from that path. He further reinforced his non-political policy recently when he did his first ever live session on Facebook in a bid to connect with his fans by answering their questions.

Some courageous fan asked him about his take on the ongoing crisis in the English-speaking parts of Cameroon and all he had to say was “Fuck politics”. This comes at a time when a lot of music lovers in Cameroon are asking their musicians to step up and address the sensitive issues of the society. Is this


way of washing his hands off political debates or was he just trying to evade

that particular question? Drop your thoughts on this.

Written by:

Emmanuel Asafor