Ngoma’sAll les Days” is unarguably one of the best hip hop projects to have graced the Cameroonian music scene this year. It comprised of great lyrics, great beats, a very neatly done video and very effective promotion. Almost the entire month of July was full of Ngoma’s track and it pulled a lot of attention to him and for one second he seemed to be aware of that, as such a lot of us thought he will use the notoriety of the moment to cement his place in the hearts of Cameroonian hip-hop fans as one of the most prolific acts in that genre of music. 

For a moment he seemed to be living up to the expectations as he came up with his brand of breakfast cereals christened “All Les Days Flakes“, this was applauded and it increased his leverage among fans of Cameroonian music, thus raising expectations as to him dropping more music to keep his fans entertained. But the Awing native clearly had other plans. After “All les day” he has returned to his “Mangosi-like slumber, keeping his fans starved of his music and even his breakfast cereal seems to be at a standstill.

Well, this seems to be Ngoma’s trademark, he had once revealed that he is a perfectionist and will rather do one good thing which we could be infinitely proud of than do a lot of things which we might get disappointed at. So this might be his way of sticking to his principles. All the same, the interest of every artistes is always his public and if Ngoma’s public is asking for more, it might make a lot of sense to respond positively to their call but “any man get ei style”.

What do you think about this strategy of starving his fans for long before releasing new music? Does it work just fine or do your think it is unnecessary? Drop your thoughts in the comment section!