Urban Jamz Awards Best Afro Trap/ Hip hop 2018 winner Ngoma with his hit song of 2017 Mangosi featuring Kikoh and Nernos seems to have gone to a career slumber after dropping just one very successful hit last year. This is a common phenomenon with most Cameroonian artistes. They are fond of disappearing after making some waves with one song. Although the case seems to be different from the Sors De Ce Corps rapper who has a couple of hit songs to his name, it’s hard for the rapper get a spot in countdowns such as “Rappers to look out for in 2018” as he is yet to say something this year.

I think the fans need to put more pressure on their sleeping and silent artistes. They need to work hard and drop those hit songs for us. Something hot like Mangosi, an EP, a tour or shows to keep them being talked about.
However, some sources say the Mangosi project especially the video swallowed a lot of millions and almost dried up the rapper’s wallet. If this should be the case, we might not be expecting even a cover from the rapper till further notice.

Notwithstanding, we’re sure his fans will like to hear or see him invited to step on a beat of another artiste. Till then, we keep our fingers crossed.

Victor Kange