Douala based Record Label Strange Kings has been acting strange for the past 24 hours on social media. This is a call for concern. Does the label seem to be losing their most talented employee to another label? Although to some, the label seems to be fighting with an invincible opponent!

Rumour has it that the former New Bell Music rapper has been holding ”nightly meetings” with BigDreams entertainment. Well a lot of fans seem to be happy with the supposed move as they claim the rapper has lost his shine  compared to the period when he dropped hits back to back released an EP, an album and a couple of videos with his former label. Apparently, its evident that Pascal is fed up with the treatment he has had with the Strange Kings label. For over a year now, the rapper from Santa can only boast of two singles no video, just Facebook and Instagram live sessions.

If you ask me, I think Pascal can make it without a label. Look at the likes of Skidi Boy, he’s on another level dropping hits here and there and killing every show he goes to. No one would ever think we’ll be able to match up Skidi and Pascal but as it stands, Strange Kings label has done almost nothing for a rapper who has so much talent. What do you suggest for the Strange Kings rapper? Should he leave the label and start on his own?  Should he stay and manage what he signed for?  You’ll agree he made errors leaving New Bell Music.
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-Victor Kange