Did you just begin your musical career? Are you in the upcoming stage as an artiste? Then keep reading, this short article is particularly meant for you.

Firstly, how do you approach ”people” with your music? I call it people at this stage because you don’t even have fans yet, by fans I mean individuals outside your beautiful family tree who already see the potentials in you and believe you are opportune to win. The greatest mistake will be calling strangers who know nothing about you as fans. What have you shown or prove to them? What are they ”fanning” about you? This move is a very disrespectful one and if you have been using it, I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been working. Most especially for those who dropped their links in people’s message boxes with even saying ”Hi!” Call that aggressive promotion strategy. It never works.

Now, how do you approach a stranger or people with your music and win a fan? If your target is on social media, you need to build a relationship with that stranger. Get to know about each other and share one or two stories. As time goes on, the stranger is comfortable with your company each time they slide into your DM only then can you comfortably bring about the discussions on your music and present a link. It works better when you get to know the kind of music they listen to. I bet you, there’s no way you aren’t going to win above a hundred fans in one week. Fans who were once just Facebook friends or contacts. Mind you, fans in this context are different from those people on your Facebook contact list or random people who liked your page’s sponsored link. They are actually your everything, adviser, supporter, PR, manager etc.

It is worthy to note that using sentences like ”Hello Fam please check out my new single on YouTube” or My New single is out now!!!! is some sort of bragging. You might not understand but I will make you do. Imagine I come out one day, post a picture of my new shoes and clothes, then I be like;

Hey guys, check out my new outfit and sneakers by Nike” this is nothing different from one who brings about his links for people to listen. Why is this seen as bragging? Because your Facebook contacts can’t automatically become your fans or supporters whereas you haven’t give them a reason to be.

This lesson wasn’t walked through for every successful artiste today, that’s because at the early stages of their career, they had great potentials and proved themselves from the start, but for you who still has a lot to prove, with little or no funds to hire a PR who can run your platform for you, you have to walk through the abovementioned means to have a stand.

Set your goals, follow the steps and see how both your fan base and music will grow.

Victor Kange