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On one of our most followed weekend segments which comes up ever Saturdays at 7PM whereby we host artistes LIVE on our official Facebook page, on the previous episode, we were privileged to welcome Dedes Records front line artiste Tilla Tafari. The Godmother who graced the session with her calm response to every question with smiles and joy despite the bad network gave us some hidden vibes when she was asked this particular question. “Her relationship with former Alpha Better Records rapper ASKIA?”.

Tilla who took it upon herself as she cleared the air that she and the Welcome 4 Kwata crooner had no conflicts, neither were they involved in any kind of feud. She went ahead to say the feuds between artistes is unarguably caused by the fans and the blogs when they put up stories and the fans pop out from all corners to rain insults and curses on the artistes involve.

Tilla Tafari went as far as saying she is in good terms with ASKIA up to the extent whereby they had worked on a song together. “A very dope song” she said but Askia’s former label didn’t release the song because she thinks she killed it. Many of you might not seem to understand what she meant by killing it.

In other words, her verses or verse on the Askia track was detrimental to Askia’s and would have caused more havoc if it was released because her verse came with fire in it. I am quite convinced God mother fans are very sure of their role model but Askia fans don’t think so.

Unfortunately, things ended in a fiasco between ASKIA and her former record label Alpha Better Records else we would have gotten the real reason why the song was never released.

Away from that part of the LIVE session, the Ola Ole crooner also poured out her views on the ongoing crisis in the English speaking parts of Cameroon. In her words, she said ”fighting does not resolve anything, education is very important”. She upholds that the English speaking parts of Cameroon will be the ultimate losers. She believes that instead of fighting for anything, we should focus on ourselves. She added that we should look out on ourselves and work to make our lives better instead of going after the government and fighting battles that will only bring more battles.

What are your views about Godmother Tilla Tafari’s thoughts about Askia and the ongoing crisis? Will you like to see both rappers working on a song together and it is released? Well we’ll love to upload something of that sort for you all to download someday.

Victor Kange