237Showbiz, the voice of the voiceless.  Once again, we caught up with another Kamer music producer in the name of Dijay Karl. After several minutes of dialogue, this is what he had to say. Please read and share. Don’t forget to tell us what you think.


237Showbiz: Tell us  a little stories about yourself? 

Dijay Karl: I am Bongliy Karl popularly known as DijayKarl. I work with KBHood Muzik and I hold a degree in sociology and anthropology from the University of Buea. I am from Banso.

237Showbiz: How did you start making beats and producing music? 

Dijay Karl: The whole music production ”thing” came out of passion and I am blessed to grow up at the time when a studio wasn’t the sophisticated and more complex type we have nowadays.

237Showbiz: Can you by any means convince others who will love to be producers that its a fruitful occupation? 

Dijay Karl: Music Production is a key part in the whole industry. That’s like the raw materials. Therefore  producers will always be needed and hence the money will keep on coming.You may produce for free at the early stages but with time the paper will come through. Dr Dre is rich yo!

237Showbiz: You’ve worked with the likes of Skidi Booy and Pascal Yung King. Which other Camer artistes will you like to work with? 

Dijay Karl: Jovi. Then also, because I am a mad lover for dance hall, Magasco, T’Neeya and any other Artist with Good Vibez

237Showbiz: List of big names you’ve worked with? 

Dijay Karl: Gasha,  Neglect, Ngoma, Tirajai, Ambe so many 237 artistes Home and Abroad.

237Showbiz: Take a look at the Camer music industry 5 years back compared to that of today, what can you say has changed?  

Dijay Karl: Massive Progress. The Quality of everything is just amazing. Music Production, Music Videos, Promotion Strategies etc have received positive change compared to 5years back.

237Showbiz: Other producers like Edi Ledrae and Tam Gaëlo make a living from music production. Are you birds of a feather or you have something else that brings the income? 

Dijay Karl: Music Only sir.

237Showbiz: One Camer artiste you will produce for free just to have their voice on your beats? 

Dijay Karl:  Kikoh!  He is the real definition of 237 sound and that’s what we strive everyday to define.

237Showbiz: How much would you charge to produce an upcoming artiste?  The kind who is doing his/her first ever track. 

Dijay Karl: That will be a negociation between the artiste and I.

237Showbiz: Envy, Jealousy and hate seems to overshadow Camer music from pushing forward with much pace, what’s your take on this? 

Dijay Karl: Positive Vibez Only. I don’t even know the definition of Hate. (Laughs)

237Showbiz: One rapper you’ve worked with that you’ll recommend to  represent Cameroon worldwide? 

Dijay Karl: If you’ve noticed,  I define Kamer hip hop in my own way from every rapper I have worked with. Pascal, Skidi, Kikoh etc so every rapper I have worked with is good to go.

237Showbiz: Where  do you see yourself in 5 years to come? 

Dijay Karl: One word. BIG! as in everything.

237Showbiz: Your TOP 3 Camer music producers? 

Dijay Karl: 1. Dijay Pazzo 2. Jovi 3. Salatiel

237Showbiz: Stanley Enow – Mr. Leo – Jovi, push one over a cliff, use one from the remaining two as sacrifice to bring back the fallen one. (mind you, the fallen one isn’t allowed to sing again) 

Dijay Karl: That’s a tough one. I will push Stanley Enow over the cliff then use Jovi as sacrifice to bring him back. Mad respect to all of them. #SuperTalents

237Showbiz: Your Camer celebrity crush? 

Dijay Karl: None for now. Haha!

237Showbiz: Many seem to have different opinions about French eating deeply in Camer music lyrics. Do you think an artiste can pull a hit off without a single word in French or “Mboko”?

Dijay Karl: A hit is a hit. Language is no Barrier. That’s not even a topic to debate on.

237Showbiz: Any upcoming projects, Cypher series, tutorials from you in the days ahead? 

Dijay Karl: So many projects coming up but I won’t let the cat out of the bag yet.

237Showbiz: An advice for the upcoming producers,  Camer industry and established artistes who tend to neglect the younger ones? 

Dijay Karl: To the producers, I will like to say there is no magic in the business the key is working hard everyday to perfect your art.

237Showbiz: A piece of advise to the already established artistes who tend to neglect the upcoming ones? 

Dijay Karl: I don’t think I have an advise for “established artistes” as you call them but just the saying “No one knows tomorrow.”

237Showbiz: Thanks for accepting our invitation. #237Showbiz wishes you the best.

Dijay Karl: Danke. You can follow me on social media platforms using  the handle ”Dijaykarl” on Facebook, SC, Twitter and Instagram


Interviewed by;

Victor Kange