We hooked up with Buea based producer Edi  Ledrae AKA Mr 808 and he had some interesting things to say. Enjoy our interview with him and feel free to leave a comment behind.
237 Showbiz: Who will you say is Edi Ledrae?
Edi Ledrae: uuhmm!  Edi Ledrae I’ll say is a music lover, a parent most importantly & someone who just wants to be seen as one of those people who helped change Cameroon’s music scene.
237 Showbiz: You’ve produced songs home and abroad. What is it like working with home based artistes and others based in the diaspora?
Edi Ledrae: The experience has been hectic but fun so far, I honestly wouldn’t go into further details when it comes to working with some diaspora artistes cause lately people have been off on social media about things “they” themselves can avoid. smh! I no go call man e name o?
237 Showbiz: It is no news you are the brain box behind 808Nation Record Label. Apart from Gomez, Payne and Egbe, do you recruit other young talents?  If yes, what are the qualifications?
Edi Ledrae: I wouldn’t call it a label just yet.. ”We nova reach that level!” We’re more a house made up of young folks who are very creative and music lovers. We used to bring in people, teach them a few things and then let them explore the world as artistes on their own but we don’t do that anymore.
237 Showbiz: Your baby mama Nabila is such an amazing talent, still you let her sign for another label, “qu’est-ce qui n’a pas marché?”
Edi Ledrae: Haha! Nothing happened really. Like I said we’re not a label yet, at least for now. She’s an amazing artiste and I still produce her music.
237 Showbiz: Your first 3 Cameroon music producers?
1. Edi Ledrae: Jovi
2. PhillBillbeatz
3. Salatiel
237 Showbiz: From one of your Facebook posts I read, you seem to be ok with the use of so much French in Cameroon music by English speaking artistes nowadays, did you mean this is the key to success?  French?
Edi Ledrae: I’ll put this answer in a rhetorical sense
What’s the origin of Cameroonian music? What was/is the language(s) used in it/them? How do they affect our modern day music? Who were the pioneers of Cameroonian music that gave life to it and are popular for it? What language did they use?
Any normal person who can know the answers shouldn’t have any problem with that!
237 Showbiz: What is stopping Cameroon music from going places, is it the fans, the artistes or the industry as a whole?
Edi Ledrae: A lot of people haven’t understood the music itself! Once we all do, we will go places! The few who have understood know what I am talking about. It’s the industry as a whole. From producers to artists to fans right up to the media. We tend to copy and paste instead of learning and applying.
237 Showbiz: Apart from music production, is there any other means of livelihood for you?
Edi Ledrae: uuhmm!  My entire life is all about music! I wouldn’t have a life if I wasn’t making music lest I’ll go back to selling weed ?
237 Showbiz: You seem to be a good singer, evidence from the songs ”Letter to my unborn child, Call Me” etc Do you plan on taking that bold step?  Let’s say album, EP?
Edi Ledrae: Thank you, much appreciated.
Well, I had to have already released an EP followed by a string of songs last year and the beginning of this year but I paused my career to put some people forth. I’ll be going full PRODUCER/ARTIST as of this month and beyond.. there’s a lot in store.
237 Showbiz: How much does an artiste need to get that ”Draeeboii” tag on their beat?
Edi Ledrae: uuhmm!  Not much really! Depends.
237 Showbiz: Do you think the upcoming artistes, producers are often neglected by the already established ones?
Edi Ledrae: Yes yes a lot! And that’s so aching but sometimes it’s just a motivation to push forth and make your name so those who neglected you would tend to need you! I can’t count the number of times that happened to me and it’s still happening up till date! For example, the reasons why my “Cypher Series” stopped/took a pause was because artistes for example MINKS, ZAYOX etc (the list is too damn long)… highly neglected me when I asked them for verses on some episodes. But its starting to get normal these days. I wouldn’t go to anyone for something unless you’re “Fam”
237 Showbiz: Let’s talk about the youngest artistes in the industry Andraeya. Are we already looking at Africa’s own Beyoncé? a lawyer or Medical doctor?
Edi Ledrae: Andraeya will grow up to be whatever she wants to be by the grace of the almighty God! For sure I know she loves music but if music won’t be her calling, I’ll be with her in anything she’s willing to do when she grows up!
237 Showbiz: Ko-C vs Boy Tag who is fastest?
Edi Ledrae: Mehnn! Tag is on some next level fast rap eh! Saying so because I’ve known him all my life and y’all haven’t even heard up to 10% of what he can do.
237 Showbiz: What is like having an opportunity to work with the great Don Jazzy and the Mavins crew?
Edi Ledrae: The experience is UNEXPLAINABLE & PRICELESS damn!!!
237 Showbiz: What plans do you have for The 808Nation?  Where do you see your self in 5 years?
Edi Ledrae: Man you’re looking at a Mavin/Family tree level all round. that’s the dream.
237 Showbiz: Kindly drop a word or two for the baby producers looking up to you.
Edi Ledrae: I dunno if I’ve got anyone looking up to me but if there’s any, All i say is, stay close to God and always create rather than copy
237 Showbiz: Thanks for stopping by, hoping to have you again sometime.
Edi Ledrae: Thanks for having me ?