If you’re reading this, then you’re actually a fan of 237showbiz and consumer of the buzz we bring to you. It might look like an interview season, but its not, we’re just making everyone feel heard. In our interview package this time around, we caught up with fast rising rapper Young Holiday. We discussed a lot and this is what we packaged for you guys. Read, share and tell us what you think.
237Showbiz: Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Young Holiday? 
Young Holiday is not Just the Rapper as many would think, I am an Interpreter , a poet and more spiritually , a messenger . Elucidately, I will like you to take a look around you, your environment and yourself. Young holiday is what connects these elements and blends them into a stable equilibrium. I represent intellectual freedom, where boundaries are nothing but slim lines meant to hold us back from experiencing the beauty of life. Young holiday is a prophet, a messiah.
237Showbiz: You’re set to drop an EP ”Holi Week” can you spill out some juice about its content? 
Young Holiday: Ep in the Holiweek abreviates epic, this ep captures the story of the Holi week, as a progressive narrative of the challenges faced by Christ and how he overcomes these challenges. The holy week is the journey of the upcoming artist in our country , the constant criticisms and negative energy the upcoming artist has to overcome just to make a mark in the industry.. Not to be mistaken for neither a Christian Compilation nor a series of songs you can easily sleep on . It’s my personal statement , about the new standards of Exceptionally good Music , out of the planet punchlines and rhymes and We are also bringing in  featurings that will Guarantee a return value for whatever effort every fan makes to get the EP. Told by young holiday in reference to his own challenges as an artist and how he overcomes these challenges
237Showbiz: As an upcoming artiste still to make a mark,  yet your fans are already comparing you to the likes of Stanley Enow and Jovi. Don’t you think this is a wrong way to start?  
Young Holiday: Well thats what the fans think, personally I dont really like the idea of comparing my self with any other artist for two artists can never be the same, we are all sketches of a bigger picture. Arts is an expression of deep emotions and experiences and two individuals  can never have same experiences. Its really hard to control what is thrown on social media.
237Showbiz: How helpful has MCMG been to you?  Would you advice other upcoming acts to link up? 
Young Holiday: The levels at which mcmg crosses paths with my career are we very complex , altogether , it’s a good run .the best I can say is I’m grateful and honored to be represented by a group of great and revolutionary minds. A good team is what makes the artist, and I’m grateful to have such a great team behind me. They have outstanding promotion plans and will help every artist out there, not just the upcoming, but every artist. The game will benefit alot from this great innitiative
237Showbiz: It has been said all over social media that your music is unique and far more different from that of other rappers. How different?
Young Holiday: Well , first … I don’t want it to be a “saying “. That’s a fact which unfortunately , I still have to prove . The difference in my music and what we have been accustomed to is the way it reflects .. She is like a mirror reflecting my heart and soul to the world. My point of view in every song is unique and outstanding. My music is defined by its messages and amazing stories. I do music for the soul and for the enlightened. Lets just say my music is mine. And I am a different Kind of specimen ( that is Clancy’s line lol)
237Showbiz: Do you think you can ”blow” without French in your lyrics?  Judging from other successful artistes, that seems to be the key, French! 
 Young Holiday: Music is a language on its own, every rythmn, sound and rhyme speaks directly to the soul. Music is a connection between ones environment and his inner man. I am the type of artist to create my own path and trek on it.
 “I’m giving you exactly what the beat is speaking to me/ all I do is make sure that you understand it fully/ and the truth is the only language my heart knows”
thats just an extract from one of my tracks to describe my path in music. Well, I think it’s also a misjudgement to say French is the key … There is alot of things that come to making good Music , Daphne and Mr Leo for example have been very remarkable in putting all together , Big S/O to them both for having mastered what it takes … Singing in French is not the Key , it’s the distraction .
237Showbiz: Blanche Bailly, Daphne, Reniss, who will you pay to watch? 
Young Holiday: You can’t place, diamond, diamond, and diamond in front of me and ask me to choose, all these are exceptional artist and their art is well refined. I will pay to watch everyone of them anytime any day. I support my own and I will always do so.
237 Showbiz: ”They don’t respect you when you are upcoming” who made this statement?  You ofcourse!  What did you mean? Who are the artistes you’ve approached and they didn’t show interest? 
Young Holiday: Hahahanah, that also is actually an excerpt from a track of mine titled “5likes0comments. It addresses the disrespect the upcoming artist faces from  djs who ask for ndzama before playing their tracks, and show organizers who ask artists to register before performing. It also expresses the low standards the upcoming artist is held by the public, always ready to criticise before even taking Time to open up the package.
237 Showbiz: Your TOP 5 Kamer female rappers? 
Young Holiday: I’m really proud of how much our female rappers have been repping our nation.  in no particular order my top 5 would be, Dyonce, tilla, Kay spec, minhey and askia.
237 Showbiz: Kamer music is going places. Still some aspects burst out of no where to slow down the pace. What are these ills we need to eradicate so as to grow bigger? 
  Young Holiday: There is a misconception in the mind of most artists in the industry, viewing growth and success as the realease of a hit track and how much controversy they can stir on social media. I think we should avoid the easy way out and focus on our music, lets focus on our story and our role as advocates of Chang in the game. Some other group of people think competition kills the industry but I think there is not enough, people are confortable with being average rather than striking for excellence … Very Importantly ,I think our Fans need to start trusting Artists Too , And stop being on the watch out for the smallest mistakes to blow out . We all should know our roles and play it well . There is a big meshed up relationship between knowing what you are supposed to do and doing it well.
237 Showbiz: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
 Young Holiday: As I always say , am not sure if I will be able to see myself in the next five years , I have a robust family of supporters it keeps growing every day , The media landscape (blogosphere lol ) too keeps getting better , and with the Work that every body is putting in , Real Art Must shine
237Showbiz: How much for your upcoming EP or will it be available for free? 
Young Holiday: It’s really hard to put a price on real arts but  I think its time we start reaping the fruits of our labour, I think its time we support our own. Still to decide a price tag but definitely wont be for free.
237Showbiz: Who is your role model in Kamer rap music ?
Young Holiday: Role Model is a huge word , I have a lot of people I look up to for different reasons . Jovi is held at high Esteems when it comes to Rap ,  Benny Clancy , My Label mate , has the most Intelligent view of existence … I look up to alot of people for different things , not any particular Role Model … I kind of have very high Expectations
237Showbiz: Name a few artistes you’ll like to work with? 
Young Holiday: I should say I love working with others , My EP has some great features in it just to talk of how much talent is packed in the Industry  , And I’ll love to work with a legend Like Afo Akom , and Artists who have such a great flare of creativity like Jovi , Pascal , Tenor just to name a few
237Showbiz: Stanley Enow says he’s king, Jovi says he’s number 1, Salatiel says he’s the ”bestest” not forgetting Tilla who said she’s still the best female rapper. Do you think there’s space for your generation?  
Young Holiday: The beauty about art is how each generation is intertwined to each other, how we suck up a lot of inspiration from those before us like sipping nutrition milk from a straw. Every generation has a story to tell and a legacy to keep. I think the holi week ep will be a first step into defining my space in the timeline.
237Showbiz: One word for your fellow upcoming rappers who have been disrespected and neglected? 
Young Holiday: Work. I literally have one word for them.
237Showbiz: Thanks for honouring our invitation. We at 237showbiz we love you and hope to have you again in the days ahead.
Young Holiday: Thanks for having me, am truly honored to be part of the legacy.