OTANG is a small girl with a very good heart

OTANG’s father Galaxy J One, was forced to stop the taxi on OTANG’S request on their way back home, on a faithful Tuesday as they left CRTV. Why ? Because OTANG saw some kids begging for money, she was extremely shocked and wanted to meet them for a while.

The experience was very emotional as her Dad recounts, that OTANG discussed with the kids, shared some biscuits and sweets with them, it became very empathic and compassionate at a point, as she could not hold back the tears from her eyes, while she did a freestyle to entertain them.

Afterwards, the posed for some group photographs to immortalize the moment of friendship.

OTANG promised, she will always be visiting her newly found friends and that she will keep praying for them. These kids were so excited to have met OTANG, as she briefly had a talk with them despite the difference in language. It’s obvious we now see clearly where her love for giving out comes from.

As a kid, the Voice of Hope good will ambassador, (OTANG) wants to make good use of all the money her music is already bringing, so she has decided, with the advice of her father to donate 50% of her EP sales to charity, especially for the education of underprivileged kids.
This young rising star, keeps surprising us. Small girl with a very good heart. She will be officially dropping her EP entitled “VICTIMS” on the 7th of September 2018 and some faithful fans have already started pre-ordering at the cost of 10.000 FRS for the entire E.P and 2.000 FRS for one song respectively. OTANG is really here to Change The Game as the Game Changer. We wish her many more success in her budding career.

Victor Kange