Almost everyone interested in Cameroonian entertainment should have come across the term “nude modeling” recently and the more curious ones should have already heard more than once about Nina Mbunwe who is arguably the most notorious of all nude models in Cameroon. Nina Mbunwe takes a lot of pride in this rather controversial kind of modeling, and this is despite the overwhelming criticism she receives online, she even prides herself as being the pacesetter of nude modeling in Cameroon. Well, like it or not Nina has almost single-handedly bought space for nude models in Cameroon, the proof of that is, I am writing about her on Daphne’s birthday. The nude modeling industry has seen some newcomers who probably nurtured this dream for a while and were too scared to come out or some are just looking for a quick way to the spotlight, either ways they can now come out and express themselves and that is thanks to Nina Mbunwe. So it is obvious that the surprise was great when we stumbled on pictures of Nina all dressed up in a photo shoot conducted by 44pictures. Earlier today photos of Nina Mbunwe were released and they were not the usual provocative nude pictures but this time around we saw neatly shot pictures akin to those of commercial models. Even though we were awestruck by the beauty of these pictures, we could not help but wonder if Cameroon’s most notorious nude model was abandoning her art or if she has just decided to be more versatile in her career as a model? What is your take on this? will you look to see more flesh in the name of modelling or she should stay dressed up? Discuss with us in the comment section below.