You can hardly peruse through social media now without falling on some revealing picture, the over availability of fleshy pictures on the internet has never been this intimidating and until now, nude photos have never really been a thing in Cameroon. Well, that’s a thing of the past! Today Cameroon has a lot of nude models, they are present on all social media platforms and day in day out their number only seems to increase such that one begins to wonder what their motivations are. It is common knowledge that since clothes arrived Africa body exposure has been looked upon with a lot of scorn, people who dare to dress up in a revealing manner are often considered as morally unfit. But with the coming of modernism and globalization the whole dressing issue is no longer very pronounced, nonetheless a lot of people in Africa and Cameroon in particular still see nudity especially in females as a taboo.

Despite all the judgements frequently passed on people who dare to go bare on camera, nudity has proved itself to be a very effective means of attracting attention, I mean a lot of us happened to have seen Blanche Bailly’s

provocative pictures before listening to her music and from K-Tino passing through Lady Ponce to Daphne we have all seen a great generosity in body exposure, proving that the exposure is yielding fruit. With the attention being naked or almost naked gives it in no surprise that some people have adopted it as their main niche. There are now some persons who specialize in nude modeling, they are all around the place and the most notorious of these persons is Nina Mbunwe, her “love” for nude modeling is probably the only thing she talks about, she even posted something about her being the bringer of the “art” to Cameroon and if that information is true, she now has a lot of followers.

All in all, with the way most of these nude models go from total unpopularity to sudden attention in record time, we can say that they view this niche as a short road to fame or is their art just being misunderstood? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

Nina Mbunwe1