”La Sauce” came with a lot of spicy ingredients with it, pepper being one is what made the song one of the greatest hits from Cameroon and Africa at large. This hit song burst through many speakers and headphones, charts and made millions of YouTube views. However, I’m always worried when a Kamer artiste becomes this successful with one single, worried about what their next songs will sound like, the heights it could possibly reach and the number of views it can count to.  Unfortunately, their next songs and projects always disappoint me.

Let’s reflect on artistes whose singles have been this successful and their next releases were a total misscalculation.  To begin with,  Franko after ”Coller la petite” is the greatest example. Although we’re waiting to see where Daphne’s ”Jusqu’à la gare and ”Promet Moi” singles will take her, we can one way or the other place her under the same category because ”Calée” is also a successful hit from Africa.

Let’s go back to the New Bell Music queen, Reniss. Reniss after dropping La Sauce,  released her album ”Tendon”, she later on went to release an EP ”Reniss Chanté les classiques” where she did several covers of great female African legends such as Bébé Manga and Monique Seka etc. We can agree to the EP ”Reniss Chante les classiques’ to be some sort of tribute thus we can’t really throw more light to it or debate on it.

Let’s be honest, after ”La Sauce”, the bikutsi vibe, the fusing beats and rhythm that can make you stand on your feet and shake your body, I can swear that her fans never expected her to come up with a song like Eya Eya. Many of her fans appreciated the song, others found it weak compared to her last releases such as ”Pilon”.

Fans have been asking questions, has Reniss also made a switch, can she still maintain the top spot if she continues in the ”Eya Eya” vibe? Tell us what you think..

– Victor Kange