A hit song refers to a release that has become popular and received wide acclamation and brought great success to the artist involved. This kind of songs are not only beneficial to the artist who release them but also to the industry and the country as a whole,as the sell the image of the nation on the international .Typical examples of hits in the Cameroonian music industry are Daphne’sCalée “, Francko’s “Coller la petite” , Stanley‘s Hein Pere, Jovi’s CASH/Don 4 KWATMink’s Le Gars La est Laid , Magasco‘s WuleBangBang and Locko feat Mr LeoSupporter “. Well, this year things seem to be very rough on the side of the artists,upon all the singles,collaborations and even EPs released but still yet no hit.What is wrong with the delivery of our artists ,are they out of inspiration or is 2018 just not a good year as concerns music. Given that we are already getting into the fifth month of the year, the lack of hit songs is really a call for concern.Well, we hope they will get to work and improve on their delivery, but  while wait for them to do so. One question still stands out. When will the first hit song of 2018 come?