When I asked a few of his fans early this year February to be precised what dollon was?  The reply I got was ”Afofo” the local gin since every one of them thought it was a term in the mboko dictionary. Well it’s quite far from local more of an international brand.
White By Dollon is a Switzerland Sparkling wine. With the company’s interest to work with Africans they decided to knock at the heaven gate of the ‘Mboko God’.  Although they’ve been in discussions since last year, jovi only made it public through tweets on the 6th of October.
”In the album 16Wives, you might have noticed about 3 lines with Dollon publicity in it. In the song ”Ou Même” (Nous buvons du dollon, donnez nous du dollon, je ne bois plus les autres jong, le matin ça faire mal au front)
Another line ”Y a dollon dans mes veins” in the track “On est bien” sees the rapper publicise the alcoholic wine with all pleasure.
We’ve seen many artistes endorse alcoholic beverages in the past, Nigeria’s 2Baba sealed a similar deal with Campari and even record a song with video titled ”Senator” with chorus and verses attached to it.
Coming back to White by Dollon, it is available in different varieties..  Black Rosé, White by Dollon Chardonnay, White by Dollon original, White Valentine, Black Mozart, White Champagne, Black Gold Edition Champagne, White by Dollon Rosé. Prices range from €14 to €70 .
I know most you will be thinking, how big is this brand, how much money can be involved in the deal..  One thing for sure is that for Jovi to name his EP YAJE ”Black” Vol1, drink the White by Dollon Black Rosé in his ”Devil No Di Sleep” video, then its a bag full of money..
Hoping I lay hands on more info about this deal and the figures involved, let’s just sit down and watch.. We hope there’s a Dollon billboard of him in Swiss already..
Tell us what you think, why will he announce this deal only now?
– Victor Kange