Just when we thought the many opportunities and surprises offered by LUX Global such as the KamerFest Fan Pick Contest, KamerFest brings to life another opportunity for young aspiring artistes to make their shine. Just like the theme says “It’s Your Time To Shine”, you can be the next big up and coming thing in the Cameroonian Music Industry.

The KamerFest Music contest will be launched by its official producer Mrmccoy who will be in charge of the downloadable beat from website + free production from the Wild Ass Producer and Geraldrico Guevara who will be offering a free music video for the winner. Not forgetting free promotion of the full project as part of the prize by KamerFest & LUX Global.
The KamerFest Music contest is scheduled to kick start om the 18th of May to the 18th of June 2018. Free sound production, Free music video and Free promotion.

Are you eligible? Have you got what it takes?

Visit www.kamerfest.com to sign up and become the next big thing.
Stay tuned as www.237showbiz.com will be bringing you all the updates as they unfold.

Victor Kange