Will Franko’s Comeback Impact be worth the Wait? fan’s grumble.

Remember the “Coller la petite” fever? Arguably that has been Cameroon’s biggest hit,wracking more than 50million YouTube views and being played and re-played within and without the national triangle, getting so much attention the world over. That was Cameroonian Entertainment at its best and one man, Franko is to thank for that exploit, for a moment we all thought he will be the face of Cameroonian music at the international level given the leverage “Coller la petite” gave him. Well, we were a little mistaken. He soon collapsed into oblivion and all his other releases aimed at putting him back on track didn’t work out. That’s an old story now, at least we expect it to be as he took to his Instagram to announce that he is back, but this time as an independent artiste. He also said in the same statement that, when an artistes is tied to a production house he doesn’t have the opportunity to express himself the way he wants and is permanently under restraints.
 We know Franko is at work, he has been for quite some time now and thus  we expect a lot to come from him, he already dropped “La Remontada and “Partenaire” drops today. Will this spelll Franko’s definite comeback? Time will tell!
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  1. Blaise Campoure July 11, 2018 at 6:46 pm - Reply

    Emmanuel A Asafor that was a good write up.

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