LouChat, Cameroon’s first “Listening Therapy” Platform against depression.

In a world where people are faced with everyday hardships, it is uncommon to find people who suffer from depression. Suffering from depression is one thing, but having an outlet to talk about your problems, while finding possible solutions is a distant reality for most people. This is the reason why LouChat was created, with the aim of providing “Listening Therapy” to those who have no outlet.

LouChat is an institution that seeks to improve the mental health of people, so that these people can achieve their goals. Knowing the importance of a healthy state of mind, we also seek to provide several hours of emotional therapy for those suffering from depression. In the end, our network will provide them with a stable support system, which will provide a tangible solution to their problems.

The LouChat Team is made up of professional communicators and psychologists, who dedicate their time to combatting depression. If you are in need of Listening Therapy, head over to the portal (www.facebook.com/LouChatOnline) and send a message with a simple “hello”, and the team will get back to you! Together, let’s fight against depression. It begins with a simple “hello”.

Tel: +237697272880
Email: luchatonline@gmail.co