Few days ago, we dropped an article questioning the role of the Entertainment Industry in Cameroon’s societal growth. This came up because the Entertainment Industry in many parts of the world has often been used as a powerful tool to impact positive social growth but that aspect seems to be a little hidden in Cameroon’s case. Well, it appears our plea did not fall on deaf ears.

Everybody living in Cameroon now should be well aware of the tension that has been existing between anglophone activists and the government, as at now this tension is now almost two years old. Yet almost no artist has risen up to directly call it out, that was then, now somebody seems to be making very bold moves in that light. Recently the Bamenda Golden Boy Magasco who is currently preparing his Europe Tour took to his Instagram and Twitter profiles to call on his fans to join him awake the consciences of both parties in order for them to initiate constructive dialogue, he did so by calling on his fans to use the hashtag #CreatASolution to awake the consciences of the parties involved. This is a big step by the artists who has been revealing a lot about himself this week. So, one question stands out. Will his fans and other artists join him in this movement and make a real impact in the nation or will this movement just die a natural death? Time will tell! Feel free to share your thoughts on this.