I was born Sama Asongtia Tanya, but most people know and now refer to me as “Mr. Caleé”. I’m a digital marketer, founder of bequadi.com, model, and fashion lover. My love for fashion and modeling dates back to when I was a kid. I always had this admiration for men who dressed well, and men who embodied so much class. No fashion magazine passed by without me itching to glance through, and if possible buy it. I even got nicknamed “stylist” by my classmates in the university. I also give credit to my Mum. She is one hell of a fashionista.

Being in a boarding school, we never had the chance to wear assorted uniforms so I always made sure my uniforms were the best. I always got warnings from our school discipline master that my uniforms didn’t conform with the school’s standards. There was this day he tore my brown ”Dilong” pants in front of the whole school. Pants which I bought with part of my pocket money. I was forced to move to the dormitory in my clean white boxers, before the whole school.
In form four, I developed this love for fitness which was inspired by a senior school mate called Chi Ngalla. I always watched how he routinely did crunches, sit ups, pull ups and so many other fitness exercises. He always got all the girls in school. So in order to attract more girls, I decided to get that awesome body and define my 6 packs too {laughing}. But the good thing is I backed all these with good grades.

I have a degree in marketing, from university of Dschang. Higher National Diploma in Marketing and Business Management from university institute of the Gulf of Guinea. I have always had a wanton quest for knowledge so I had to enroll for a series of post graduate certifications and diplomas. These certifications and diplomas include logistic and supply chain management, health and safety, contracts and procurement, digital advertising, content and inbound marketing, search engine optimization and web development.

People always told me I’ll make a good model because of my dark skin tone, sculpted cheek bones and good body build. I always knew that, but never ventured into it until recently.
I’ve worked with fashion designers like Louis Fame, Amah Bertrand and Visco Ngenge. Studio 89 has also been really good to me. We’ve been able to work hand in hand to bring every vision they/I have to light. They’re extremely talented and creative.

However, what put me on the spotlight was the role I played in Daphne’s hit song “Calee”. Daphne spotted me on the set of “Madame tout le Monde” Rhytmz ft Mr.Leo. I accompanied Louis Fame who was in charge of styling Mr. Leo, Rhythmz and X-maleya. She said she wanted someone with my features on her next video, and I said OK. After several months she contacted me on short notice and “Calee” was shot.

I’ve always loved and dreamt to work with brands like Calvin Klein, Puma, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Mai Atafo, and so many others. I’ve also wanted to work with other brands like Guiness, CIROC, Veuve Cliquot etc. It might take time but I know I have God.
My modeling and fashion career is just kick starting and there’s so much I have up my sleeves. The fashion industry is a vast world, which is still finding its feet in Cameroon. I wish to be part of this great industry. From brand influencing to creating my own shoe line, there’s just a lot I have to do.

I am a content marketer, I hold a strong conviction that marketing is not just about the products we sell, but also the story we tell. That’s why I plan on expanding my digital marketing brand into advertising.
I kick started my digital marketing career with a stellar silicon mountain startup, Makonjo Media. Under the tutelage of Otto Akama, I learned a lot about this field from writing great stories to social media marketing, blogging and digital advertising. Together we founded Afro Hustler which is one of the leading blogs with entrepreneurial content in Cameroon.

I am art, and an avid lover of art. My heart thrives and lives for creativity.

You heard it from one of Cameroon’s hottest male models and video vixen Sama Tanya AKA ”Mr Calée” who presently is under the management of Barthson Global Communications. Apart from his good looking features, the talented model has an educated brain to go with it. Any investors ready to deal with such quality has found nothing but treasure.

Victor Kange