Cameroonian uprising artiste MESHI who is currently signed to Zion Records had it hot this week in the hands of both fans, critics and music lovers. According to the criticisms, many fans, followers and music lovers weren’t happy with the fact that the “Helep Me” crooner seems to be doing more collabos with already made artistes than upcoming or uprising artistes at her level. To the critics, the young singer tends to be overshadowed by the artistes she goes into collabos with. The critics added that Meshi as an uprising artistes should be focused in finding her voice and setting a brand for herself before venturing into collaborating with the big names in the industry. According to some fans, these collabos at this stage of her career is a win loss for the artistes and Meshi respectively as the artistes tend to polish their brands while they overshadow her on every piece.

This issue comes at a point where she recently dropped her latest single “Come For Me” featuring Yema Production boss and artiste LOCKO.

Apart from her previous singles, Medecine, Helep Me, Mr. Mbere, she has done collaborations with some names such as C Trix, Charly B and Tzy Panchak who also starred in her video titled “Plans”.
One of KESA Magazine’s writers and critic Fabz Chi wrote an open note to Zion Records and it reads.

Dear Zion Records, You are wrecking Meshi’s career which is inexistent as of yet. It is ok to do collabos but them, an artiste needs to do his or her own music. Let her do her own music, publish and stand on her feet before you invest in collabos that will then work to increase her popularity. As we speak, her only good single is Medicine but numerous collabos with Charly B, Tzy panchak, Locko and the unreleased that you very well know. These are artistes that easily block this lady’s shine in the various tracks. She finds it difficult to ousting them and it’s not helping her career in any way. If that was your strategy, better have a rethink and restrategize. I’m sure if you had Daphne at your disposal just like Shura has under Stevens, we would have seen an album already with Meshi ft Daphne everywhere in it. As you look to give me a reply to this, kindly include a paragraph explaining to us the whereabouts of your lead artiste Charly B

Meshi replied saying;
We come here every day and sing the #SupportYourOwn story and complain of artiste not collaborating enough or working together. Yet I decided to lead by example and working with others in the industry and you complain that I collaborate too much. How much more of an advice can I get from my fans. I am not afraid of your criticisms for they will make me feel better but please always remember I have a dream of my own too”.

All in all, one of the parties seems to have gotten it wrong. In your own words, what do you think is the best advise for MESHI and Zion records. Do you think Fabz Chi has a point as well? Leave your thoughts behind. Meanwhile keep watching her latest single ”Come For Me” FT Locko.

Victor Kange