The 2017 edition of the Mutzig Star competition organized by ”Les Brasseries du Cameroun” saw Limbe based upcoming artiste Monjoa Vanessa as winner of the usual cash prize of 1.000.000 CFA and a brand new car. A recording contract for her album by Alpha Better Records and full sponsorship.

Unfortunately for her and her supporters, her prizes took much longer than expected. This created panic on the internet that led to some media persons and bloggers to launch a #PayVanessa challenge. All credits to Dulafe Valery, journalist and media personnel for the initiative although it wasn’t that much appreciated from her as some supporters, fans and internet users claim she owes some people an apology and more gratitude.

Today, we’re happy to let you guys know that she finally received her cash prize and is an owner of a brand new car. We wish her success in her career and more music is expected.

Below are more photos of the event that took place yesterday.

What do you think about the #PayVanessa challenge, did it help or not?

Do you think Vanessa owes anyone an apology? Tell us what you think

Victor Kange