UK based Cameroonian artist Don ChaeuLe, AKA the WOKOLO Master, has an important message for all Cameroonian Dj’s. It’s a long post, have a read and comment to share your views about this.

“I have always wondered how a Cameroonian can comfortably list 50 Naija artists within 5mins and at the drop of a hat. On the other hand my Naija pipo no fit even name 1 Camair artiste in 1 hour. Yet I keep hearing that Djs in Cameroon (and diaspora) are fun of playing and repeating Naija music without even playing a single Camair tune.So far so good I have been in the UK for over 4years and I can tell you categorically that Cameroon parties are the most diversified in terms of their musical content. What do I mean? A typical Cameroon party will have 30% Camair song, 50% Naija and 20% Others. But in a Nigerian, Jamaican, Congolese, Ghanaian party it will 90% their own music and 10% others.

I walk up to a dj (Naija Dj) gave him my song and £20 to play my song. He collected the USB and turn down the money. He played my song “wokolo” TWICE that night without collecting shishi. He even vowed to continue playing my song.
I was utterly gobsmacked and visibly bamboozled because in my country a Dj will ask you to pay them and they either play your song once or will not play it at all.

Now let me educate some of you Djs, you’re a disc jockey so it means without me (an artist) you will jock no disc. Without you too I will not have my music heard. (well technically) We should have a mutually beneficial relationship, (symbiosis.) That said, it’s a shame to overate your importance by asking for remittance before you play a song. All the Naija artistes you’re playing their songs today were promoted for FREE by Djs like yourself. Go read about Dj Jimmy Jatt and 2baba, Dj Xclusive and Timaya, Dj Lambo and MI, Dj Sosse and Banky W etc. In the UK most of the artistes are promoted by Dj Edu and Dj Abrante.

Learn to celebrate your own and money will always come when you do the right thing. Besides play a song because it’s a good song and not because you have been given money. You will be doing a complete disservice to yourself if you keep doing that. Imagine if 10 artistes pay you in one night to play their songs which are mediocre and each time you play them people leave the dance floor but your oblige to play because you have collected money. Tell me do you think people will want to higher you for that event again?? Be wise my people don’t allow temporal gratification destroy your future certification.

Many Djs have promoted artistes and they have blown and bought them cars and ‘dash’ them way more money than they could ever ask. Besides just the fact that you know that you help promote an arriste at the early stages of his career and now s/he is at their prime gives you satisfaction.

Una continue di play OBO e music e get 30billion for e account. E di cam dash una some.

If una like una hear, if una like una no hear. Ma own be say na langa pikin di ask e papa money before e do something, pikin Wey get sense go doam afterall e papa e money na he own. #NufSaid  #WokoloMaster “