A native of the North-West AC Prince has Azingnwi Cyril as birth name. From dancing to most songs he heard as a kid to memorizing the words and letter on being able to sing them word verbatim, AC Prince’s love for music kept growing by the day and his love for music became clearer when he started creating his own rhythm with the songs he sang and writing music came later on. As early as then he already had resistance from his family members given that his parents are very strict and religious people who have always seen music as a distraction and not a potential career option.

Back in his secondary school days he used the stage name Swag Prince but now AC Prince is what he is known by. AC Prince got into the 237ShowBiz Music Competition to help himself with his career, given that the musical sector in Cameroon especially with urban music is much neglected with no sponsors and the entire weight of pushing a musical career rests solely on the shoulders of the artistes. He is very grateful for the existence of this competition as he says it is a great opportunity to boost his career at all level and finally make all his dreams come through, because while he was younger he sort of fell in love with the lifestyles other rappers portrayed in their videos but with time he has gotten to understand that making it in music is a lot more complicated than what he envisaged and this competition seems to be opening up a great door for him.

AC Prince plans on releasing a thank you song for his fans and the entire 237showbiz team in case he was to win this competition because he believes it is thanks to their efforts that he has been able to come this far. He also plans on starting up his own production studio in order to reduce cost of production for his future projects and also to be able to help younger artists. He is counting on the continuous support of all those who have helped him get here.