O2udor (aka Cameroon’s Finest), is a Cameroonian Afro Hip-Hop Artist. He spend most of his childhood in the City of Bamenda were his music carrier kick-off. His passion for music, took shape from performing at birthday parties and rapping in school, while his friends in the dormitory beat their trunks to provide sound, to taking the stage at school social activities. He has since moved from performing other artist songs, to writing his own lyrics.

He gained acknowledgement while in the University of Buea, the South West region of Cameroon, the hub of entertainment in English speaking part of the country. Here he interacted and did a number of music moves such as featuring on a couple of audio tracks and video clips with different Cameroonian top Artist like Fluri Boyz, BJ Zama, Mel B Akwen, Askia of the famous Alpha Better music group.

After dropping a couple of successful singles including his critically acclaimed tracks Okada and Fo Ma Katier in which he pays homage to the average African worker and later celebrates his roots as a boy. Since then he has decided to explore other genres of music while silently working on a number of projects this past year with the aim of introducing a better version of him.

His Upcoming project includes tracks like the unique piece titled “Best Friend” in which he sing very emotionally, describing the conflicts that pops up in a relationship between him and his girlfriend as a result of his interactions with his best friend mainly because she is female and ”My Girl ft Telopath”.

He also, has a list of ready-made tracks for his fans waiting to be released when the time is right, which is soon. He is someone to watch out for with a bright future in the music scene of Afro Hip-Hop. Based in the US, he is in studio with some of the world best music producers and beats makers refining his art and ready to give the best. Sit tight and anticipate his powerful comeback.

Listen to his new releases off his #IncarnationOfLoveEP on 237Showbiz.com

Victor Kange